Wale Responds To Meek Mill’s Rant, Very Thoughtfully

Wale took his time with this one.

Three hours feels like an eternity on the Internet, and that’s approximately how long it took for Wale to write a response to Meek Mill’s accusations of him “hating.” The D.C. rapper wanted to say so much that he actually took it to Instagram, so he could go way beyond 140 characters.

Meek was upset that Wale hasn’t tweeted anything in support of his upcoming album Dreams Worth More Than Money, after the release date was announced on Monday.

In his rebuttal, Wale pointed out that just a few weeks back he was still trying to show support, by talking up Meek’s single “I Don’t Know.” He also admitted that he’s come to terms with the fact that he doesn’t exactly fit the mold of what a typical rapper should be.

Embedded from instagram.com.