Green Day Find A Reason To Go On In Their Reflective New Video

They’re ‘Still Breathing,’ and that's enough

In Green Day’s new video for “Still Breathing,” frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is back to walking a lonely road, à la “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” This time around, though, the road eventually leads him to where he always belonged.

Armstrong is one of several detached people who appear throughout the video, including a woman in white walking toward the edge of a cliff and a military veteran contemplating his shotgun. Each one appears despondent; haunted by their past and scared of their future. By the end, though, they all seem to escape their lull, comforted by the reassurance that they’re “still breathing.” For Armstrong, that means finding his way to the rehearsal space where Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool have been rocking out by themselves, waiting for him.

“Still Breathing” is the latest single from Green Day’s recently released 12th album, Revolution Radio.

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