James Corden Lampoons 'Us' With Copyright-Dodging Late-Night Spoof

Seeing double

Jordan Peele’s chilling Us is a box-office champ in America right now, which means that it’s ripe for being parodied.

James Corden did just that, taking to The Late Late Show with a hilarious spoof of Peele’s new horror masterpiece. Teaming up with band leader Reggie Watts, the host put on a funny (yet still reasonably creepy!) production of “We” — you know, for copyright reasons.

What begins with Corden chatting with Watts about the show and rehearsing for an upcoming production ends up with the pair coming face to face with terrifying visions of, well, themselves – just like in the movie.

"It's us," Watts says, incredulously.

"You mean we," Corden replies, to Watts' insistence that "we" isn't proper grammar.

"It's a copyright issue. Just go with it," Corden replies, brandishing a baseball bat as the creepy copies start coming after them.

The silliness gets a bit sinister when Corden tries to emulate star Lupita Nyong’o’s unsettling wide-eyed stare from the movie poster. Watts even does a run toward the camera like the kids in the movie, but falls down instead for comedic effect.

Corden's doppelgänger is clad in a red suit, while the original is wearing a black one. The real Reggie wears a black T-shirt emblazoned with "Real Life," while the other wears a red one with "Horror Parody." The pair move through several bits pulled straight from the movie as they watch their doubles take over their lives, even pausing for a few minutes to watch their sinister selves on television and laughing at their jokes.

Corden has created several horror-centric parodies on his show in the past, from It to A Quiet Place, so taking on Us was the next logical step.

If the parody piqued your interest and you want to see more, Us is currently in theaters, bringing what MTV News' Monica Castillo called a "captivating" story with a "satisfying twist." Peele is also bringing us his vision of The Twilight Zone, which kicks off on April 1 via CBS All Access. We welcome our new horror overlord.