Jordan Peele Continues His Reign As King Of Horror With New Twilight Zone Trailers

A dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind

Jordan Peele's surreal reimagining of The Twilight Zone looks like a creepy thrill ride, if the series' first two trailers are any indication.

New episodes of The Twilight Zone are set to unsettle audiences again next month, and CBS has debuted a pair of new clips showcasing two of the first episodes viewers will get a taste of when the series kicks off on April 1.

The first, "Nightmare at 30,000 Feet," is a modern take on the original episode that found William Shatner as a man named Robert Wilson. While traveling via airplane, he believes he's seeing a gremlin or other ape of creature on the wing. He continues to alert others on the plane to let them know, but they dismiss his claims as that of a crazy man as they go to look and the gremlins is nowhere to be seen. Of course, given that this is the Twilight Zone, after all, you know things aren't at all what they seem.

Adam Scott takes over Shatner's role this time around, and looks to imbue the character with the same sort of panic and chaos as Shatner managed to back when the episode aired in 1963. Our first look at the episode is short, but promising.

"The Comedian" finds real-life funnyman Kumail Nanjiani consorting with Tracy Morgan in a sinister setup that appears to have Morgan appearing as some sort of demonic figure. Nanjiani is apparently struggling in his career, and Morgan likely transforms him (and his life) into a much different, twisted version where he becomes a massively successful comedy star.

The first two episodes introduced in the trailers above will be hitting CBS All Access on April 1, with a new episode airing each week beginning April 11.

The show is set to attract plenty of big names, like Seth Rogen, Ginnifer Goodwin, Steven Yeun, and Jacob Tremblay when it gets going, and while we don't know much about which other classic episodes may be remade (if any) or what the original stories will entail, we can't wait to see them.

Peele himself dons iconic host Rod Serling's suit and takes on Serling's position as "guide" in the clips, ushering viewers into the Twilight Zone in what seems like a role he was basically born to play.

For now, immerse yourself in the weird world of The Twilight Zone with these new teasers and get ready for April.