Justin Bieber Charged In Egg Raid Case

Egg-cellent news for JB.

Justin Bieber dodged a major legal bullet on Wednesday (July 9) when the Los Angeles District Attorney's office charged the singer with misdemeanor vandalism over his alleged egging of a neighbor's house.

Bieber, who was possibly facing a felony charge in the January incident, avoided potential jail time in the case in which his former neighbor claimed that Bieber hurled eggs at his home, doing $20,000 in damage. In January, more than a dozen officers from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department raided Bieber's Calabasas, California, residence to execute a search warrant in relation to their felony vandalism investigation. (Bieber later reportedly sold the house to Khloe Kardashian).

The neighbor released camera phone footage of someone he alleged was Bieber trespassing on his property and pelting his house with eggs, claiming it caused extensive damage to the custom facade.

“It’s a felony crime; I get that it was done with eggs, which makes you feel that it’s a lower-level crime, but a felony crime is a felony crime, no matter how you commit it,” L.A. County Sheriff's spokesperson Lt. Dave Thompson said at the time of the raid. "And this crime rose to the felony section, and a judge signed a search warrant saying we should go get evidence related to the felony crime.”

According to TMZ, Justin's lawyers copped a plea in the case before it could go to trial, entering the no contest plea to misdemeanor vandalism. The deal means no jail time for the singer and two years on probation in addition to community service and weekly anger management courses. He was also ordered to pay $80,900 restitution to the neighbor to help cover the costs of re-plastering the pricey Venetian plaster.

"Justin is glad to get this matter resolved and behind him," his representative told CNN. "He will continue to move forward focusing on his career and his music."

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