Justin Bieber's Egg-cellent Adventure: Did He Pelt His Neighbor's House?

Bieber's neighbor has footage allegedly showing Bieber tossing eggs at his house.

Justin Bieber's neighbor isn't yolking around.

On Thursday (January 9) night, L.A. County Sheriffs were called out to a gated community in Calabasas, after Bieb's next-door neighbor claimed that the singer — who, at this point, has probably doomed any shot at a spot on the homeowner's association — had trespassed on his property and was pelting his house with eggs. Responding officers took an incident report, no charges were filed, and it was unclear if they spoke to Bieber at any point.

Now, that neighbor is striking back, providing TMZ with camera-phone footage of the alleged egg attack.

In the footage, the neighbor can be heard yelling "I see you. I f---ing see you!" at an unknown egg-sailant. Another voice — allegedly Bieber's — shouts back "F--- you! I got another one for you, actually!" They continue to trade witticisms for about 30 seconds, until the neighbor tells his 13-year-old daughter (who, it should be noted, sounds like she's auditioning for "Paranormal Activity,") to call the police.

While she places the call, the camera catches several surfaces in the house that appear to be covered in egg. All in all, the neighbor tells TMZ that Bieber hit his house with no less than 20 eggs, and though the initial police report describes the incident as misdemeanor vandalism, the neighbor said that the damage to his property "far exceeds $400," meaning that the charge could quickly be upped to a felony.

According to TMZ, Bieber is now the suspect in a vandalism investigation, though as of press time, charges have yet to be filed against him. A rep for the singer did not respond to MTV News' request for comment.