'Euphoria' Finds Zendaya Taking On The Trials And Tribulation Of High School Life

'Every time I feel good, I think it’ll last forever — but it doesn’t.'

After an exhilarating teaser trailer, HBO finally unveiled a lengthy new clip of its upcoming series Euphoria.

The series, starring Zendaya, will follow a group of high school students as they struggle to navigate life as it becomes riddled with drugs and sex, questions of identity, trauma, social media platforms, love, friendship, and other issues.

It's heavy stuff, no doubt, made even more difficult by what appears to be a love affair between Zendaya's character and someone she becomes immediately smitten with.

“At some point you make a choice about who you are and what you want,” Zendaya says over some aesthetically pleasing – yet massively trippy – footage. “Suddenly the whole world goes dark and nothing else matters but the person standing in front of you. Every time I feel good, I think it’ll last forever — but it doesn’t.”

It looks like some sort of combination of drugs and partying will wreak havoc on the main characters of Euphoria, as we see Zendaya hitting up rehab meetings and appearing to relapse as well.

From its first full-length trailer, Euphoria looks a lot like some sort of surreal set pieces seen in a typical teenager's life, including plenty of parties. What will Zendaya's relationship end up being with the enigmatic blonde seen in the first few moments of the clip? How will she navigate all the complications that come with teen life? It's going to be a trip and a half to watch unfold, if this first real look at the show is any indication.

Euphoria is based on the Israeli show of the same name and will be executive produced by Drake. Aside from Zendaya, it's set to feature a star-studded cast, including Jacob Elordi, Storm Reid, Sydney Sweeney, Maude Apatow, Algee Smith, Alexa Demie, Barbie Ferreira, and Hunter Schafer.

Euphoria is debuting on HBO on Sunday, June 16.

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