Harrison Ford Is Back For The 'Blade Runner' Sequel And These Things Should Be Too

Bring back the tortoise test!

Harrison Ford is officially headed back to the (bleak, gritty, replicant-infested) future! The actor is officially on board the sequel to "Blade Runner," with shooting slated to begin next year.

Deadline reports that Ford will reprise his role as Rick Deckard, the hardboiled protagonist of the first "Blade Runner," in the as-yet-untitled sequel. Ridley Scott is also returning, this time as a producer; Dennis Villeneuve, best known for 2013's "Prisoners," is in talks to direct.

Ford's return is great news for fans of the original "Blade Runner," who were hoping to see a familiar face in the long-awaited sequel. (Of course, we already know that the script is a thing of beauty.) But let's be honest: They shouldn't stop there. Here are four more bits from the first film that definitely need to come back for round two.

Those gorgeous, gritty cityscapes.


The first "Blade Runner" was visually delicious, with a richly-imagined, tactile world for its characters to navigate: pretty impressive for a film that pre-dated most of the CGI effects we have now. Definitely need some more of this -- and with the groundwork already laid, chances are good that we'll get it.

Rachel's bangs.


Asking for Sean Young to come back as the beautiful, enigmatic Rachel is probably a bridge too far, but how about just her hairstyle? The 1940s-inspired look is too perfect to leave off-screen.

A villain who dabbles in poetry.


It wouldn't be a "Blade Runner" sequel without an eloquent android articulating deep philosophical truths in his final moments.

The tortoise test.


This deeply unsettling exchange from the first film was nearly as iconic and essential as its hero. Bring back the tortoise test! And then tell us about your mother.