Poll: Most Outrageous VMA Moments

Outrageous moments are nothing new to the MTV Video Music Awards, the two go together like bread and butter.

We suppose things are bound to get a little wild when you throw the biggest stars in the world into a room for the express purpose of having a good time. The VMAs are unlike any other awards show around because the point isn’t to have a quiet, dignified gathering to honor the best album by a 100-piece orchestra; it’s to rock out and give props to the hottest things in music in a particular year.

Instead of sleepy applause and thanking the academy, you get the Queen of Pop locking lips with her heir apparent or living legend Diana Ross getting a little grabby with an overexposed Lil Kim. That’s just how we roll here at MTV.

While just about every VMA moment is pretty outrageous, a few definitely stand out and have withstood the test of time to burn themselves into the collective consciousness of we connoisseurs of pop culture. Help us decide which of these eight incidents is the most outrageous moment in VMA history.

Polls close Wednesday, August 24 at noon, so vote now and vote often! Results will be announced in the lead-up to the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, which air live from Los Angeles on Sunday, August 28 at 9 PM on MTV. Don't forget to tune in!

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