Did Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson Have A Photo Shoot For Their Album Cover? See The Pics

We need this duets album like now.

Justin Bieber is promising "big things" are going down with Cody Simpson, and by the looks of it, he's not kidding.

The pop stars teamed up for a photo shoot earlier this week "out on a ranch" in California -- for what we assume is something tied to their upcoming acoustic collaboration album -- and they gave us a little tease of what we can expect.

Justin uploaded a 0:30 teaser to his Fahlo account, and it shows JB wearing jeans and a flannel while Cody shows off his biceps in a white tank. Lounging in what appears to be a log cabin, the duo each play their guitars and sing along to a slow-tempo melody. Their voices blend perfectly together as they sing about a relationship that is "more than worth it."

Photographer Nick Onken is behind the shoot; manager Scooter Braun is also on hand as the guys pose for pictures in the cabin and the great outdoors.

No word on what exactly the photo shoot was for, possibly an album cover? But it's certainly getting us anxious for November, when the collection of "smack bang duets", as Simpson described it, is projected to be released. Those eight weeks can't come fast enough.