Kenan And Kel Reunited At Good Burger And It Was Beautiful AF

Next, bring back Pierre Escargot.

Last night (Sept. 23), one of the best reunions you've ever yearned for finally happened on "The Tonight Show."

No, wait: Not a reunion. A homecoming. Because for the first time in nearly 20 years, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell were together, again, at Good Burger. And it was beautiful. SO. BEAUTIFUL. (Nuh-uh, not crying. I've just been taking a joy bath in the Good Shake machine.)


Kel made a special appearance in this sketch as Jimmy Fallon "remembered" his time as a fast food employee, popping up in full Good Burger uniform and that iconic mini-braid pageboy wig.

But this 1990s nostalgia tableau wouldn't be complete without Kenan, who shows up disguised as a hangry construction worker about 5 minutes in.

And if anyone doubted that the whole word has been dying to see Kenan and Kel together onscreen again, the prolonged deafening screams of ecstasy from the crowd in the "Tonight Show" studio should clear that little mystery right up. Now can we get Kenan a recurring guest spot on Game Shakers, already? C'mon, Nick executives, you know you want in on this magic.

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