'Full House'’s DJ And Steve Actually Went To Prom Together And My Heart Is Full

Take that, Matt

In case you need a reminder that DJ Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure) and Steve Hale (Scott Weinger) were the OTP, Bure just dropped the cutest Fuller House promo in the history of promos. Have mercy!

On Thursday (December 1), Bure celebrated #tbt by sharing an adorable prom photo, and my cold heart is now warmed. At first, I thought this was a still from the prom episode of Full House, but nope. Bure actually took Weinger to her senior prom IRL. How ya like them apples, Dr. Matt Harmon, hmm?

“Should DJ and Steve be together or is this ancient history?” Bure asked on Instagram. Girl, based on this photo alone, I think it’s clear which team people should be on — it rhymes with “cheese.” However, we won’t find out who wins in the DJ/Steve/Matt love triangle until December 9. Until then, we’ll just be looking at behind-the-scenes pics and stress cleaning, à la Danny Tanner.