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Drake Draws Inspiration From 'Austin Powers' On New Tour Merch

The Assassination Vacation Tour just got groovier!

Drake's Assassination Vacation Tour kicked off in Manchester, England Sunday night (March 10). Ahead of the tour's first performance, the Toronto rapper released some new merch to celebrate. It uses some Austin Powers-inspired graphics to make something memorable of his upcoming six-night string of shows in London. Of course, it's going to be the best — and by the look it, potentially even shagadelic.

Drake posted the collection on Instagram and took the world back to 1997 with bright neon colors, bled through days of intense sunlight to resemble the late '60s, a la the Austin Powers films. The British super-spy appears on some brightly colored hoodies and tees, between some shapely legs with his goofy yet focused resting facial expression. Regardless of whether you make it to the tour or not, this is one hoodie that must be bought.

Drake's Assassination Vacation Tour is running now through April 26 and features Tory Lanez. Don't look for Drizzy's "Don't Matter to Me" to be featured on the setlist, though. Although the Michael Jackson-sampling Scorpion tune did appear in the setlist for the Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour, it was recently removed, possibly following HBO's Leaving Neverland and its allegations against the late singer.