26 Reasons Why Mindy Lahiri Is The Perfect Role Model

If Beyoncé Pad Thai Can Do It, So Can You

Though it feels like the show has just returned after a unbearably long hiatus, the season finale of ‘The Mindy Project’ airs tonight on FOX, and we’re bracing ourselves for the wave of emotions we’re sure to experience as we find out the fate of Mindy and Danny’s relationship.

The off-beat comedy is full of eccentric and hilarious characters, but of course this Summer I will be missing the witty and pop-culture-loving Dr. Mindy Lahiri the most. Though she can be narcissistic and ridiculous at times, she's a confident and successful female with a relatability that is hard to find on TV today. Not only does she have me hysterically laughing every Tuesday, but Mindy Kaling's alter-ego is someone with positive body image, a love of comedy, many words of wisdom, and a great sense of style-she is admirable.

Here are our favorite Mindyisms that prove she'd make the best role model:

1. Her Mantras Are Empowering

2. She's A Dreamer

3. But Also Realistic

4. She Would Make The Best Spotify Playlists

5. If You Ask Her To Write A Eulogy, It'll Probably Have A Hip-Hop Reference

6. She's Human And Knows When To Ask For Help

7. She'll Let You Stay At Her Fancy Manhattan Apartment

8. She's Comfortable In Her Body Type And Owns It

9. She Hates Exercise And Dieting As Much As You Do

10. She's A Food Expert

11. She Takes A Stand For Women Everywhere

12. She Knows Funny Gals Stick Together

13. She Could Teach You Important Skills

14. She'd Recommend Great Movies

15. She'll Remind You To Chill Out About Spoilers

16. She's Adventurous But Not Too Reckless

17. She Raises Important Questions

18. How To Lose A (Annoying) Guy In Ten Days? Psh She'd Do It In One

19. She's A Pro At Online Dating

20. She Has Her Priorities In Order

21. She Always Brings The Sass (And Rocks Colorful Outfits)

22. She's Embraces The Awkward

23. She's Had Her Heart Broken A Few Times

24. But She Doesn't Let It Define Her

25. And In No Time She’s Back In The Game

26. She'll Never Give Up On Getting Her Happy Ending

We <3 Mindy

What is your favorite Mindyism?