Should Danny Have Dumped Mindy? Relationship Experts Weigh In

Stop crying for a second and read this.

I don't know about you, but my week was ruined when Danny broke up with Mindy on this week's "The Mindy Project." So, I did what any rational person would do: I contacted a pair of relationship experts to find out whether or not Dr. Castellano was right to cut romantic ties with Dr. Lahiri. (And then I made a private appointment for myself because my week was ruined by fictional people.)

A refresher: Back in January, Danny kissed Mindy on an airplane in the midst of some epic turbulence (Like one does) and then we all had to wait for several months -- with hands frozen in the "celebrate" position — until their relationship progressed. And progress it did — until Danny wanted to keep it a secret and Mindy didn't and then Danny broke up with her, feeding her that whole "you're my best friend, you're too important to me" line. Or maybe it wasn't a line, because this is a TV show and not real life.

A lot of us probably threw our shoes at our TV screens (Just me? Cool), but according to at least one expert, Danny might have had the right idea calling it quits.

"His real reason for breaking up with her might have been a lot more than what is presented on the surface," psychotherapist and relationship coach Toni Coleman told MTV News. "For him, he might have felt like he wasn't ready to go further with this. He had some ambivalence about it, he was unsure about it, which is certainly a very good reason to break up."

"I do think it speaks to those deeper things," she added. "Are we really both moving toward the same level of commitment? Is he more content with the kind of relationship where they could date for years but she wants something more? Those are all good reasons to break up."

Jessica Massa, author of "THE GAGGLE: How the Guys You Know Will Help You Find the Love You Want," tends to disagree. "Danny reacted out of fear when he broke up with her, which is always the worst motivation for making decisions, especially romantic ones," Massa told News. "By trying to avoid hurting Mindy before he'd even done it, he also ended up avoiding what could have been an amazing, life-changing relationship for both of them."

Mind spinning. Add to that real-life Mindy (Kaling)'s assertion that Danny and Mindy are "a terrible fit" who "deeply care about each other" and you've got an emotional mess worthy of, well, real life. Right?

What do you think? Will Mindy and Danny end up together, Ross and Rachel-style? Or will they amble off into Rory and Jess' loveless sunset?

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