Is Jake Gyllenhaal Open To Playing Adult Eddie In The 'It' Sequel?

He's Jack Dylan Grazer's pick to play Eddie in the sequel, but what does Gyllenhaal think?

When we asked the young stars of It who they'd like to see play the older versions of their characters in the sequel — which takes place 27 years after the first film — their picks were pretty spot on. Scene-stealer Jack Dylan Grazer, for example, said he wants Jake Gyllenhaal to step into hypochondriac Eddie's shoes in It Chapter Two. Pretty good, right?

So when MTV News talked to Gyllenhaal at the Toronto International Film Festival over the weekend, where he was promoting his film Stronger alongside Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman, we had to ask how he felt about Grazer's fan-casting. Turns out, he's into it.

"Oh, wow. That's good. The hair is very similar," Gyllenhaal said when MTV News corespondent Josh Horowitz showed him a side-by-side of him and 14-year-old Grazer.

"I did not look like that as a child," he added. "But I have been working since I was that age."

But the biggest difference between the teenage It star and teenage Gyllenhaal? Their fashion sense. "He's very dapper," Gyllenhaal said of Grazer's red carpet style. "When I was a kid I could barely get my clothes on."

As for whether or not this means Gyllenhaal is interested in pursuing the role of adult Eddie in Andy Muschietti's inevitable It sequel, we have no idea. But at least Gyllenhaal is onboard with the idea of playing the grown-up LoserLover. Now all we need is to see what Jessica Chastain, Chadwick Boseman, Chris Pratt, Bill Hader, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt think about it.

Stronger hits theaters September 22, 2017.