Selena Gomez Just Revealed Her ‘Revival’ Tracklist With Some Super Sexy GIFs

A day after unveiling the album's stripped-down cover art, Sel is back for more surprises.

Brace yourselves, Selenators — Selena Gomez has stripped down yet again.

A day after unveiling what appears to be the (very steamy) cover art for her upcoming album Revival, the “Good For You” singer is back with another sultry surprise.

The 23-year-old took to Twitter on Wednesday night (Sept. 9) to slowly reveal Revival’s tracklist, through a series of tweets that included the name of each song, accompanied by a sexy black-and-white GIF.

Let’s take a look at the full tracklist in all its glory:

1. “Revival”

Featuring a close-up of Sel’s blinking eye.

2. “Kill Em With Kindness,” 3. “Hands To Myself”

Her long, manicured nails are on full display as she slowly grazes her forearm.

4. “Same Old Love,” 5. “Sober”

This trippy GIF shows her voluminous hair cascading down her back as we catch a glimpse of the Roman numeral tattoo on the back of her neck.

6. “Good For You” ft. A$AP Rocky, 7. “Camoflauge”

We get a glimpse of Sel’s face as she tickles her arm.

8. “Me & The Rhythm,” 9. “Survivor”

Now we’re moving up to Sel’s collarbone and neck.

10. “Body Heat,” 11. “Rise”

And we finish by seeing Sel put a finger to her lips.

Ultimately, we still have a lot of questions about this highly anticipated new LP, which drops Oct. 9. Chief among them: How has Selena's sound changed? And will it successfully deliver on her promise to reveal the "truth" to her fans?

But this tracklist reveal is ultimately a much-welcomed treasure trove of hints. For example, we now know which version of "Good For You" will appear on the album (there were music videos for versions with AND without A$AP Rocky's feature). And with empowering-sounding titles like "Kill Em With Kindness," "Survivor" and "Rise," we're fully expecting to hear Selena's confidence shine through and signal a true revival.