Fall Out Boy's 'Centuries' Is Here And DAMN

They also got creative with Instagram's new Hyperlapse app.

Um, did someone say they needed a pump-up jam? Anyone?

Well, whether you required one or not, Fall Out Boy has delivered the ultimate battle cry of a track this week: "Centuries," a jam Pete Wentz calls "the story of David and Goliath. It is us passing along the story of how we feel right before we step on stage, trading feeling small and human for all the sweat and grit and sheer power of belief it takes to stare down a giant."


They also released a pretty intense Scantron-directed music video along with the jam that uses Instagram's new Hyperlapse app to give a super-fast, super thorough tour of Chicago. An official video is also on the way.

After teasing the track via a cryptic Morse code last week, the band officially released the song -- which samples Suzanne Vega's 1990 hit "Tom's Diner" -- early this week. The tune marks the first single on the band's upcoming as-yet-unnamed album on Island Records/DCD2 Records, due out next year.

“We never had a plan to jump right back into it after the whirlwind year we’ve had... but sometimes the song calls you," Wentz said in a release. "We started writing 'Centuries' while we were on tour. Traveling the world for the last year we have seen, and been a part of, the landscape and fabric of music -- from tiny sweaty clubs in Australia to insanely huge festivals in the UK. It felt impossible not to react to it, to be inspired and to want to scream back."

And scream back fans will -- as the fist-pumper will also serve as the official anthem of ESPN’s College Football Playoff coverage.

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