Did Fall Out Boy Just Use Morse Code To Announce A Secret Album? goes black, too.

So, Fall Out Boy just posted a five-second video on YouTube with a bunch of beeps over a black screen. And now fans are scrambling to learn Morse code, if that's even what it is.

The band tweeted out the cryptic clip on Thursday (September 4), and there are already theories on what it might be. If the beeps are indeed Morse code, could they be spelling out the title of FOB's forthcoming sixth album? Pete Wentz only started talking about writing new music in June. But the band recorded Save Rock and Roll in secret and have been touring with Paramore ever since they released it in 2013.

A few fans are suggesting the Morse code spells out "Centuries" in the YouTube comments. But since Morse code is much better known by telegraph operators at the turn of the century (whoa, "century"), and not FOB fans sitting on their couch with their iPhones in 2014, cracking the mystery is harder than you think.

I took a stab at decoding the video, but my best effort turned up "Jfesjf." So...

If it is Morse code, and not something music related, maybe singer Patrick Stump is announcing the name of his baby with wife Elisa Yao, due in October. But, you know, doubtful.

Or maybe the beeps are just rhythms. Who said they have to spell anything? The dot in the YouTube title my be an ode to Morse code, or it could just be a placeholder.

Over at, everything is black. The title of the page reads "You'll remember me..."


I'm Stump-ed.