'Fast And Furious': Vin Diesel Already Knows How It All Ends

"Is that that surprising?"

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

The "Fast and Furious" franchise may have three movies and several years to go before it crosses the finish line, but that doesn't mean star/producer Vin Diesel doesn't know exactly where it's all going to end already.

At a press day for his upcoming movie "The Last Witch Hunter," Diesel told MTV News that, "yes," he already knows how the "Fast" franchise will end.

"But is that that surprising?" Diesel said. "When you're sitting down talking to a guy that just acted and maybe more importantly in terms of this concept, produced 'The Last Witch Hunter,' which is a fantasy, you know that there's thought in that."

No hints as to what that ending is yet, but at the very least it sounds like that whole Helen Mirren thing could actually have legs.

"I think everyone should do the franchise," he said after a joke about his "Witch Hunter" co-stars joining up for future installments. "They've gotta get in line behind Helen Mirren. She is on the list. Be careful what you wish for, Helen."

As for what this next movie will be called, that's sort of up in the air, even for Diesel.

"A lot of people are thinking 'F8,' I just get lazy and say 'Fast 8'," Diesel said. "I don't know if the official title's come out yet. It's never the official title. You have to understand. When you talk about titles and you talk about 'The Fast and the Furious' the first movie all through production the back of my chair said 'Red Line.' This is like, this is par for the course for the 'Fast' franchise. We never know what the title is officially.

"Guys like me, they can get a little lazy with titles. I say 'Fast 8.'"

"The Last Witch Hunter" hits theaters on October 23. "Furious 8"...or "Fast 8," if you prefer, hits theaters April 14, 2017.

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