Watch Chris Martin And James Corden Belt Out Coldplay Songs Like No One’s Watching

All hail Coldplay's resident singing hitchhiker.

Though it has been writ from on high that no Carpool Karaoke segment will ever top Adele's (especially the moment her face does this while singing "Wannabe"), Coldplay's Chris Martin is on a quest to try.

Just a few days before his band takes the Super Bowl 50 halftime stage with Beyoncé and likely Bruno Mars, Martin is hitching a ride to the stadium in San Francisco. And who cruises by to pick him up? James Corden, of course. Naturally, the whole becomes a big singalong, with the dudes going big for "Viva La Vida" and new-ish tune "Adventure of a Lifetime."

Oh, and Chris wears a Batman-but-not-really-Batman baseball shirt. See the teaser for the merrymaking below.

You can watch the full Carpool Karaoke Tuesday night (Feb. 2) on "The Late Late Show," and then again on the internet on Wednesday and also every day after that for all eternity, probably. What a time to be alive.