Aaliyah, DMX, Ginuwine Pitch In For "Romeo" LP

As Aaliyah gears up for the premiere of her new film, "Romeo Must Die," a cavalcade of hip-hop and R&B stars, including Ginuwine, Destiny's Child, and Timbaland & Magoo have all contributed fresh cuts to the movie's soundtrack.

Mack 10, Joe, and Cash Money's BG also pitched in new tracks, and Aaliyah herself has made several new contributions, including "Come Back In One Piece," a song featuring DMX, who has a supporting role in the film (see [article id="1424657"]"DMX, Aaliyah Go Online With Jet Li In 'Romeo'"[/article]).

Described as a modern-day retelling of "Romeo And Juliet," Aaliyah stars in "Romeo Must Die" as Trish O'Day, the daughter of an American crime boss who becomes romantically involved with Jet Li, the son of a rival crime lord.

One of Aaliyah's songs, "Try Again," will be the first single from the soundtrack, and the singer-actress plans to shoot an accompanying video with director Wayne Isham.

The "Romeo Must Die" soundtrack is due in stores on March 21, while the film will arrive in theaters on March 24.

The tracklisting for the "Romeo Must Die" soundtrack:

  • Aaliyah - "Try Again"
  • Aaliyah featuring DMX - "Come Back In One Piece"
  • Joe - "Rose In A Concrete World"
  • BG - "Rollin' Raw"
  • Timbaland & Magoo - "We At It Again"
  • Aaliyah - "Are You Feelin' Me?"
  • Destiny's Child - "Perfect Man"
  • Ginuwine - "Simply Irresistible"
  • Confidential - "It Really Don't Matter"
  • Mack 10 - "Thugz"
  • Aaliyah - "I Don't Wanna"
  • Dave Bing featuring Lil' Mo - "Somebody Gonna Die Tonight"
  • Playa - "Woozy"
  • Dave Hollister - "Pump the Brakes"
  • Chante Moore - "This Is A Test"
  • Non-A-Miss - "Revival"
  • Blade - "Come On"
  • Stanley Clarke featuring Politix - "Swung On

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