This Girl Has To Wear A Minion Dress To Homecoming And It's All Twitter's Fault

Friendship is a beautiful, sacred thing, and when you make a promise to your best friend, you should keep it. If, however, that promise involves a chance of you wearing a Minions-themed dress to your homecoming dance, you may want to rethink making any promises. Ever.

This is exactly the advice I would've given to Daisy Maddox, a junior at Crescenta Valley High School in California, when she entered into an unholy—yet hilarious—Twitter pact with her friend Ally, who'd managed to find a Minion tutu dress for sale somewhere (*shakes fist at the vast, never-ending black hole of the internet*).

Daisy agreed to wear the dress if her friend's tweet got over 15,000 retweets, and since the world is seriously obsessed with the li'l yellow guys, it looks like she's going full-on Minion for homecoming.

While this might not be the typical high schooler's first choice for formal wear, Daisy can take heart in knowing her look will be one-of-a-kind. Not only that, but this means she gets to skip all of the insane stress that comes with shopping for a dress, which is all anyone could really ask for, IMHO.

Daisy has promised to update her Instagram with any dress pics if the whole thing really happens, and she's already managed to score her mom's approval.

All in all? Daisy = fashion champion.