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13 People Who Took Their Love Of Minions To The Next Level

Better grab a banana.

The adorable prequel to the "Despicable Me" films premiered July 10, but "Minions" fans haven't slowed down at all.

Apparently, #MinionTattoo is a thing, and people are getting them all over their bodies — and we're not talking about the temporary kind, either.

For funsies, we decided to name these tattooed minions after all the different kinds of people you met in college.

  1. The minion who pulled an all-nighter for the bio final, only to find out the test was yesterday.
  2. The minion who was always tired AF in class and never seemed to know up from down.
  3. The minion who wouldn't ever stop humming Disney songs in the library, no matter how many dirty looks you gave.
  4. The minion who was the teacher's pet — and loved every second of it.
  5. The minion who believed every single government conspiracy known to man. Oh, and binge-watched "X-Files" reruns.
  6. The minion who waited in line for three hours for the midnight premiere of the new Marvel movie.
  7. The minion who just DGAF about his appearance, and wasn't going to be part of your system.
  8. The minion who spent the past three weeks studying for the math exam and was ready to vaporize it.
  9. The minion who loved group projects, because then he could dump all the work onto his classmates.
  10. The minion who was always talking about gluten and vegan stuff while you were just trying to eat your hamburger in peace.
  11. The minion who was a foreign exchange student.
  12. The minion who constantly told people they've never seen him and Batman together in the same room before.
  13. And, the minion who constantly blared the song "I Just Had Sex" in his dorm room, just because.