Watch Matt LeBlanc Flawlessly Reenact Joey’s ‘Hand-Twin Song’ From ‘Friends’

"This hand is your hand, this hand is my hand..."

Now that you’re all caught up on binge-watching "Friends" (and if you’re not, c’mon, man! It’s been on Netflix for four whole months!), you surely have a vivd image that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “hand-twin song.”

In case you need a refresher:

Joey Tribbiani’s hilariously goofy song — from the season five episode in which he meets a man whose hands look exactly like his own — is nothing short of iconic. That’s why Matt LeBlanc thrilled “Friends” fans everywhere when he not only revealed he remembers every word to the tune, but he ACTUALLY SANG IT for our collective enjoyment.

While appearing on “The Graham Norton Show” on Friday (May 1), LeBlanc indulged Norton in some nostalgia-tinged questions about the show, including a request to reenact both the hand-twin song AND this season one ditty from Joey’s “Freud! The Musical.”



Check out LeBlanc’s surprisingly spot-on memory as he breaks into Joey’s songs in the clip below.

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