‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters As ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Cartoons Is The Reimagining We Never Thought We Needed

Tina would have so many new butts to look at.

An artist decided the folks of Westeros would fit perfectly inside of the world of "Bob's Burgers." Why? Why not!

Cartoonist Alex Cohen imagined what the characters of "Game of Thrones" would look like if they became the Belcher family's new (extremely creepy) new neighbors on "Bob's Burgers." Hot Pie should run a dessert shop next door.

Since posting the reimaginings on Imgur, the drawings have gone viral, and for good reason -- they look like they would really fit in each others' worlds.

Bob Belcher should name a burger of the day in this reimagining's honor. Our suggestion? The "Flame of Thrones: Red Wedding" burger (Medium-rare beef patty, stabbed repeatedly.)

Flip through all of Cohen's "Game of Burgers" drawings below.

H/T BuzzFeed

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