Best Songs Of 2014

Before you shake off 2014, check our list.

We felt a wide range of emotion this year, and MTV's best songs of 2014 list is a total reflection of that range. Whether we were turning up with Lil Jon, shaking off our haters with Taylor, crying our eyes our with Sam Smith -- speaking of, read an exclusive essay from Sam Smith himself detailing his journey from unknown to MTV's Best Artist of the Year -- or feeling fancy with Iggy, music fans had a hit record for every occasion.

Here they are, MTV's 10 best songs of 2014. Do you feel us?

"Heroes" - Alesso, Featuring Tove Lo



Alesso gets massive 2014 props, not only did the Swedish DJ and producer give us one of the year's biggest dance hits, he and singer Tove Lo reminded us that love conquers all. Yeah "Guardians of the Galaxy" may have ruled the box office, but "Heroes" ruled the dance floor and our hearts. - Rob Markman

"Loyal" - Chris Brown, Featuring Lil Wayne, Tyga, French Montana and Too $hort



Even if you’re not a rapper you’ve probably had a few shady dating experiences that left a sour taste in your mouth, so it’s no surprise that Chris Brown’s “Loyal” became an instant anthem. That universal theme, coupled with his talent for delivering insanely catchy hooks, made this one easy to love. Breezy told us that they even played the track for him while he was locked in jail. -- Nadeska Alexis

"Turn Down For What" - DJ Snake, Featuring Lil Jon



Lil Jon was the turn-up king way before turning up was even a thing. This year, the "Get Low" rapper and producer teamed with DJ Snake to give us "Turn Down For What," a dance explosion with the greatest use of a rhetorical question in a song title ever. Not only did the duo ignite dance floors across the world, they delivered one of the year's most creative music videos too. -- RM

"Stay With Me" - Sam Smith



"Guess it's true, I'm no good at a one-night stand," Sam Smith sings on "Stay With Me." And, yeah, he's got a point -- he's more of a 35-week kinda guy. That's how long the Brit's In The Lonely Hour breakout has held steady on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and I'm sure the gospel-powered ballad will haunt many a breakup playlist for years to come. -- John Walker

"All About That Bass" - Meghan Trainor



Meghan Trainor urged us all to put down the magazines and Barbie dolls and shake our junk on the dancefloor – especially if it’s in all the right places. The Grammy-nominated tune injected a whole new boost of self-worth into pop culture this year and had us on our feet while rejecting the status quo… no treble. -- Emilee Lindner

"Chandelier" - Sia



In 2014, Sia gained the distinction of biggest star to ever nab the spotlight while handily avoiding it with her crash-and-burn anthem, "Chandelier." The songwriter behind pop hits like Rihanna's "Diamonds" and Britney Spears' "Perfume," is used to being unseen. Despite the rampant success of her jam, she continued to play the shadows, performing with her back to audiences, sending representatives to collect her awards, and casting a child dance star in the song's video. She only used that darkness, however, to burn twice as bright. -- Brenna Ehrlich

"Problem" - Ariana Grande, Featuring Iggy Azalea



Ariana Grande scored a massive hit with "Problem," which led us here at MTV to question if the tiny singer with the big voice actually has any problems at all. Her multiplatinum single hit #1 on Billboard's Rhythmic and Mainstream Top 40 charts and it helped set up Grande's sophomore LP My Everything. We'd love to have those problems. -- RM

"Shake It Off" - Taylor Swift



Taylor Swift gave us a whole new way to DGAF when she dropped “Shake It Off” and its video (you know, they one where she tries to bust a move among professional dancers?). The incredibly catchy hit not only gave Taylor another reason to dance and, subsequently, hella Grammy nominations, but it served as her pop proclamation. All hail Swift! -- EL

"Anaconda" - Nicki MInaj



Nicki Minaj used a sample of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” – probably the most lauded song about booty in rap history – to craft a hit that dominated radio in 2014. The video took the lyrics to new heights, with endless gratuitous rear end shots and a lap dance that left Drake sweating. -- NA

"Fancy" - Iggy Azalea, Featuring Charli XCX



Remember the six-month span when this song was in your head non-stop? Yeah, that happened.

Iggy had shown signs of rap stardom in her earlier mixtape days, and scratched the surface with the release of her debut, The New Classic, in April, but she fully took things there by ruling the summer with “Fancy.”

Combining hip-hop, pop and electronic sounds with verses from the Australian rapper and an infectious hook from Charli XCX, the track became an inescapable smash: It hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100; collected 380 million YouTube views; was performed on TV and at award shows; earned constant radio play; and spawned multiple parodies.

Who dat, who dat? The year's #1 song. -- Adam Fleischer

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