Orlando Bloom Celebrated 'Lord Of The Rings'’ 15th Anniversary With Throwback Pics

Legolas took us down memory lane instead of to Mordor

Monday (December 19) was a monumental day in the pop culture world. Fans mourned Camila Cabello leaving Fifth Harmony, J.K. Rowling helped create a Harry Potter tribute to the Pulse nightclub victims, and Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring turned 15 years old.

To honor the latter's anniversary, Orlando Bloom, who played long-haired elf Legolas in the LOTR trilogy and in two of the Hobbit films, shared a collage of pics on Instagram. "[Fifteen] years ago today, #TheLordOfTheRings: The Fellowship of the Ring hit theaters," he captioned, "and the rest, as you know, is history." He then linked out to an entire Facebook album filled with fun behind-the-scenes pics.

There were photos featuring Middle Earth creatures chilling in a helicopter.

Which would've made the squad's trip to Modor so much easier.

And ones with lifeboats and life jackets.

Also would've been helpful to have on hand.

The consensus among fans — since Bloom didn't caption anything — is that this is a hobbit stunt foot.

People had questions about this throwback pic on the left, namely about what's up with the baggy pants and the dog lawn ornament.

You can check out the other pics here.