Jared Leto Dodged Those Joker Rumors With Some Familiar Words

Come for the Joker talk. Stay for the pet crow.

It's nearly been two weeks since it was reported that Jared Leto was "circling" the role of the Joker in "Suicide Squad," DC's supervillain-filled take on "The Dirty Dozen," and we haven't heard much beyond the initial talk.

So we decided to go to the man himself.

When MTV spoke with Leto about the upcoming Thirty Seconds to Mars documentary series "Into the Wild," we asked him if there is any truth to the Joker talk, and this is what he had to say...

(Pay close attention to hear the most casual mention of a pet crow that's humanly possible.)

Interesting. Read into that what you will.

The Clown Prince of Crime would be quite the role to follow up an Oscar win with, but as Leto says, whatever the next part for him is will really have to inspire him.

With Margot Robbie reportedly in the film as Harley Quinn, it would be hard to imagine the rebooted DC movie universe not bringing back the Joker, but whether it's Leto beneath the makeup remains to be seen.

"Into the Wild" is available for pre-order now and debuts on on November 30.

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