Why Demi Lovato Would Be The Perfect Addition To 'Supergirl'

Yeah, she'd run this show.

Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" might already be the unofficial theme song of "Supergirl," but clearly somebody behind the scenes on the new CBS series is a huge Demi Lovato fan, too, as evidenced by this message their official Twitter sent out in support of the "Confident" performer's -- well, confidence.

But why should the Demi love end there? We can't think of another music sensation who'd be a more fitting guest star on "Supergirl," and it's not as if other TV shows aren't doing the same thing. "Jane The Virgin" got Britney Spears to appear in an episode, "Empire" got Mary J. Blige (among others), and "American Horror Story" even cast Lady Gaga as their lead this season -- so why shouldn't Kara Danvers get some pop diva backup for an episode or two as well?

Here's why we think "Supergirl" show runners Gerg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Ali Adler need to call up Demi, like, immediately:

She's obviously got the acting chops.


Princess Protection Program

As a former Disney star who stole the show in "Princess Protection Program" and "Camp Rock," Demi definitely knows her way around a set -- especially one that's as bright and cheery as the "Supergirl" set probably is.

She's also got pipes, which is clearly a requirement.


Melissa Benoist famously sang on the hit Fox series "Glee," as did her real-life husband and newly announced TV love interest Blake Jenner. We've all been clamoring for a musical episode since the show was first announced, so if "Supergirl" wanted to deliver on that desire, wouldn't it be great for them to get Demi to be in it, too?

She's also already practically a superhero herself.


Like Kara, Demi's not afraid to stand up for what's right -- she regularly speaks out on behalf of mental health awareness, LGBT rights, substance abuse survivors, and people who've suffered from eating disorders.

Besides, let's face it, she's make an amazing Catwoman.

DC Comics


"Arrow" regularly borrows villains from Batman's rogue gallery, and Supergirl's already fought some ne'er-do-wells that are supposed to be taking down Superman -- so why couldn't Demi show up for a brief stint as a cat burglar? Come on, you know she'd rock that part.

And probably a pretty killer Batgirl, too...

Warner Bros.


Kara Zor-El and Barbara Gordon have always been pretty tight buds, after all -- and we know Demi looks just divine in red hair.

Or even another Supergirl!

DC Comics


In the comics, Kara Zor-El isn't the only Kryptonian champion to hold the title of "Supergirl" -- so did Cir-El, who appears before Superman and Lois Lane claiming to be their daughter from the future. And yeah, she looks exactly like Demi.

Or heck, what about Raven?

DC Comics


If you grew up with the "Teen Titans" cartoon, then you know Raven; she's a half-demon empath with supernatural powers, which she uses to be a superhero. If she and Supergirl were ever to cross paths like they do in the comics sometimes, then Demi would be a fantastic choice -- after all, she's probably already got that exact outfit in her closet somewhere. Girl loves her leotards.

And finally, we just need Melissa Benoist and Demi to hang out and be besties.



Wouldn't they be the cutest BFFs? And on a show that so strongly supports women having powerful relationships with one another, that would be extra amazing.