Demi Lovato Is A Redhead! (PHOTO)

Credit: @ddlovato

I love Twitter. If not for that cute, little 140-character social networking tool, it would take so much longer for the world to be informed of crucial updates, like the fact that Demi Lovato has radically changed her hair color! I mean, I definitely would have found out since my girl Dem would have totally called me to gush over her new red (!!!) locks, but as for the rest of the world? They'd probably still be in the dark.

On Saturday, Demi cryptically tweeted: "Changing my hair color today.... :)" without even a hint of info about the color, shade, lowlights or highlights. But we weren't too worried 'cause obviously Demi isn't going to the local drugstore to have a dye-in-the-box debacle like I did yesterday like the rest of the world. We're assuming Demi went to the best of the best and worked closely with a super famous colorist to carefully craft her bold new red hue, because, you know, celebs.

Once the deed was done, the "Skyscraper" songstress tweeted: "Just woke up from a nap...Can't believe I fell asleep before tweeting this........:)" followed by the pic of her new look. And in the midst of her I-just-dyed-my-hair-red twitter rampage, Demi also tweeted "Red hurr she don't curr..." which I strongly feel should be the title of her next song. Ginge power, Demi! Keep it alive!