Bleachers Are Back With A Cheery, 'Not So Typical Love Song' For 'Love, Simon'

Time to bring the feels

It's no stretch to say that 2017 was a humungous year for Jack Antonoff. His newest record as Bleachers, Gone Now, produced one of the absolute best pop songs of the year in "Don't Take the Money," and the rest of the album showcased his penchant for layered, maximalist, melancholy pop rock that pays homage to musical heroes like Bruce Spingsteen, David Byrne, and others.

When he wasn't writing Bleachers songs, he was helping Lorde and Taylor Swift (among others) craft their own. But on Monday (January 16), Antonoff returned with another cut that's pure Bleachers: "Alfie's Song (Not So Typical Love Song)," from the Love, Simon soundtrack.

"Alfie's Song (Not So Typical Love Song)" shares some DNA with "I Miss Those Days," namely in its roaring saxophone and unbroken rhythm but finds a sweeter, softer center. It also wouldn't be out of place on an album from Antonoff's former band Steel Train, maybe sequenced right after "I Feel Weird."

The full Love, Simon soundtrack drops on March 16 (as does the movie) and features a whole lot more Antonoff and Bleachers, plus Troye Sivan, The 1975, and more.

Check out Antonoff preparing for last year's MTV Unplugged special with MTV News below.