38 Ways To Live Your Best 'Back To The Future' Life

Great Scott!

After years of people on the Internet being confused by hoaxes and pranks, today -- October 21, 2015 -- is finally the official date that Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) visits with Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Jennifer (Elisabeth Shue) in "Back To The Future II." Yup, from this day forward, the whole "Back To The Future" trilogy takes place entirely in the past. Sob.

Obviously our modern world of 2015 looks nothing like the futuristic Hill Valley that Marty encounters -- we're only on "Jaws 4," not "Jaws 19" (you can't trick me into believing otherwise, Universal Pictures!) and we don't use fax machines or drive flying cars. But despite these unfortunate setbacks, you can still celebrate the momentous occasion by completely redesigning your life to fit Marty's as closely as possible. You know, without actually traveling through time.

First, perfect the Marty McFly look.



Layering is your friend. For the perfect look, you'll need a red t-shirt, checkered button down, jean jacket, suspenders, puffy red vest, jeans, and Nikes.

Grab yourself a futuristic space hat too while you're at it.


You can get an officially licensed version from Diamond Select on Amazon.

Don't forget the calculator watch!

calculator watch

You can get the Casio Men's CA53W above at Amazon for only $15 bucks!

Or better yet, grab yourself a flux capacitator watch instead.



Available at ThinkGeek, and totally stylish.

Then, look at your watch often like you can't BELIEVE what time it is!


bttf poster

Having sunglasses to adjust will help you achieve this more completely.

And don't forget your Power Lace kicks.



The Nike Mag was first sold in limited quantities in 2011, but rumor has it that they might be back this year for a "Back To The Future" tie in release.

Watch the "Back To The Future" movies, of course.


You can get the whole trilogy on Blu-Ray now!

Make friends with a scientist.



Even if the two of you don't end up on time traveling adventures together, he or she can at least help you with your homework.

Drive around with your scientist friend in a Delorian.

Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

2010 Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con - Day 1

Bonus points if you can manage to snag a quippy custom license plate to go with it.

Or, drive a Toyota Tacoma instead.



Delorians are hard to come by, but Marty McFly's iconic pick-up truck sure isn't. If you're in Times Square today in New York City, you can even check out a tricked-out version of the car that's made to resemble Marty's perfectly.

Or just drive a mini Delorian around on your desk.



Mattel is putting out a new set of "Back To The Future" Hot Wheels cars, featuring one Delorian in "hover" mode, one that looks like the '50s version, and another one that's got a Mr. Fusion machine on the back. Speaking of which!...

Run your car on garbage.



This is a real thing you can actually do, with a lot of effort and ingenuity -- but if you find that pumping it full of gas is easier in the long run, you can also just strap a food processor to your car for aesthetic reasons and call it a day.

Charge your phone with a flux capacitator, too.



There's two USB ports in this Thinkgeek tool so you can charge two devices at the same time!

Hang out in one of those retro '50s diners.

PYMCA/UIG via Getty Images

Mr D'

Mr. D'z Route 66 Diner in Arizona will probably fit the bill!

Or you can go to the real Hill Valley.

Hill Valley's iconic Court Square is located on the backlot of Universal Studios, and you can see it on the tour sometimes -- when they're not currently filming there, of course.

Don't forget to check out Doc Brown's house!



In real life, it's a historic landmark in California called the "Gamble House," and it's an architectural wonder.

Visit the Old Wild West, too!



Much of "Back To The Future III" was filmed in Monument Valley, Arizona, and you can also go on one of the train lines they used at the Railtown 1897 State Historic Park. Or, if you're a lazy East coast resident like me, you can just hang out at Wild West City in Netcong, New Jersey. Close enough, right?

Go somewhere where you don't need roads.

Getty Images

Sightseeing boat in Giethoorn

The little town of Giethoorn, which is also sometimes called the "Venice of Netherlands," has no roads -- only canals and foot bridges. So you wouldn't be able to get your Delorian around there, but it's a small price to pay to say "Where we're going, we don't need roads!" and actually seriously mean it. Plus, look at how pretty it is there!

Drive 88 miles per hour.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Germany Debates Highway Tolls Introduciton

You'll get pulled over if you try it on the highway at home, but if you head over to the Autobahn in Germany, the speed limit is 80mph there. But don't worry, the average actual speed of drivers on that road is 88mph according to data from Brandenburg, so you're totally fine.

Drink Tab.



Don't be surprised if it's hard to find, especially while you're at that retro diner.

Barring that, drink Pepsi Perfect.

It's a real product and everything! You can buy it today!

Take your mom to the school dance.



She'll be so happy to spend time with you.

Commemorate the occasion with a nice poster.


You were there, which means you weren't square. Available at!

Learn how to play "Johnny B. Goode" on the guitar.

Sheet Music Plus can help you with the chords.

Listen to Huey Lewis And The News.

How else are you going to learn about the power of love?

Be sure to listen to the trilogy soundtrack, too.



You can get all of it on Google Play and iTunes.

Trace your family lineage.


And the family trees of your enemies, too. How else are you going to know which Biff Tannens you'll need to avoid when you time travel? (And might I suggest journalling your progress in this nifty blank notebook made to resemble George McFly's memoirs, which you can find on Amazon?)

Support the Cubs.



This is their year, guys!

Ride a hoverboard.

Sure it only works on magnetic surfaces, but the Hendo Hoverboard is the closest thing we have so far to the board Marty uses in "BTTF II." If that's not good enough for day-to-day use, you can also try that self-balancing Powerboard that the kids are into today. Neither of them will let you glide over water, but maybe someday we'll make that dream a reality.

Play the "Back To The Future" video game!

The original actors were in it and everything! You can find all 5 episodes of the Telltale Games series on Steam.

Also, watch the film's stars figure out which future inventions the movie got right.

The full version of this video, which features Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd discussing the people they still totally send faxes to in 2015, is available on the Toyota website today!

And be sure to get tickets for the making-of documentary!

"Back In Time" is out today, and will tell you everything you've ever wanted to know about how this movie happened.

Wear exclusively Calvin Klein underwear.



Also maybe change your name to Calvin Klein to match.

Convince someone you're Darth Vader.



If you can pull this off in today's "Star Wars"-saturated market, you'll be even more amazing than Marty McFly.

Briefly phase out of existence.



It builds character.

Donate to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

Mike Coppola/MJF2013/WireImage

2013 A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Cure Parkinson's - Inside

And if you're like Tina Fey, do it while dressed in that Marty McFly outfit we helped you pick out earlier.

Finally, plan exactly how you're going to show the "Back To The Future" movies to future generations.



Something has got to be done about your kids!

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