Did Rowan Blanchard Accidentally Photograph A UFO?

More like ‘Girl Meets Outer World,’ amirite?

Aliens and the paranormal are back at the forefront of the media lately, after the release of Netflix's Stranger Things (and before that, The X-Files revival). Several celebs have infamously claimed to have spotted UFOs over the years, including William Shatner (who later admitted to lying about it), Victoria Beckham, and John Lennon.

As of Tuesday (August 23), Girl Meets World star and teen feminist badass Rowan Blanchard can be added to that list. While visiting New York City, the 14-year-old Disney actress shared a pic of the sky with an unusual object chillin' in the upper right-hand corner. "Say what u will but that thing was just appearing in the photo and wasn't physically there ..... 👽," Blanchard captioned.

Normally, this would be easy to dismiss due to trick photography or unusual lighting, except for this one teeny, tiny historical factoid: John Lennon's UFO sighting occurred in NYC on the exact same day, 42 years ago. After Blanchard showed friend and makeup artist Amy Strozzi the pic, Strozzi did some research and learned of the alien connection.

Hear that? That's the sound of The X-Files theme music playing softly in the distance.


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