Courtesy of Netflix

19 Celebs Who Are Just As Obsessed With Stranger Things As You Are

We need a Season 2, and we need it now

If you’re tired of hearing about Netflix’s new show Stranger Things, too bad. It’s only been out a few weeks and it’s not going away anytime soon (because it’s just damn good). The show, about a group of kids trying to find their missing friend, references several classic ’80s movies, including The Goonies, The Thing, and Stand by Me. And your favorite celebs are just as obsessed.

See which of your favorite stars are getting lost in the Upside Down right with you.

  1. Hours after she tweeted this, Duff shared a “creepy winker” vid on Instagram, writing, “I’m not going to sleep... I’m going to watch stranger things!!”

  2. Connor from How to Get Away with Murder shared arguably the best scene from Episode 6, which is also what caused everyone to start quoting the line, “She’s our friend and she’s crazy.”

  3. Gretchen Wieners said she wasn’t “leaving the house today until [she finishes] it.” Same.

  4. The Vine star rated the show “10/10.”

  5. The former Smart Guy became hooked on the show before his sister Tamera, and recently said he wanted to have a Season 2 party with his siblings.

  6. One-half of Sister, Sister became a fan last week ...

  7. ... while the other half finally joined the club just the other day.

  8. MTV’s own Jersey Shore star probably isn’t planning a trip to the Upside Down anytime soon.

  9. Harry Potter’s Luna Lovegood was also freaked out by the show, though she helped battle Voldemort, which seems 1,000 times scarier than the Upside Down, TBH.

  10. Lynch’s costar Lucius Malfoy is also a fan — and clearly in the running to win Dad of the Year.

  11. Always on brand, Bell shared a hilarious dick joke. (I don’t remember that scene in Episode 8 ...)

  12. The Pretty Little Liars star only needed one word to express how she felt about the show.

  13. Helen from Drake & Josh was a true champ and binged all eight episodes at once. I guess that actually was her job.

  14. Mindy from Drake & Josh recognized that Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo) was the true star of the series. Sorry, Barb.

  15. If the gym showed Stranger Things, I’d be more inclined to actually go there and work out.

  16. Considering how the show was influenced by and referenced some of King’s work, including It, this was probably the highest honor. Fun fact: Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) will star in the 2017 It remake.