Little Mix's 'Think About Us' Video Stars Butterflies, Shirtless Dudes, And Ty Dolla $ign

Inspired by lust, ice, passion, and new love

Little Mix are singing a song of ice and fire in their new video for "Think About Us."

Each girl gets her solo shine in the video, beginning with Perrie waking up in a colorful field of butterflies, followed by Jade channeling Queen Elsa in the snow and ice. Jesy and Leigh-Anne, meanwhile, score the steamiest set-ups, cozying up to shirtless dudes as they sing, "You put your hand on my waist / And then you pull me close / Boy, I promise I won't let go." The scene was apparently extra-special for Leigh-Anne, as her hunky co-star is IRL boyfriend Andre Gray (she joked, "I mean we’re not used to an audience but my boy did good!").

On Instagram, the group hinted that the set-ups in the video were inspired by lust (Leigh-Anne), new love (Perrie), ice (Jade), and passion (Jesy). After braving those elements, the four girls come together at an all-white rave with Ty Dolla $ign, who adds a loved-up verse to the group's LM5 banger.

Little Mix's "Think About Us" was directed by Bradley & Pablo, the duo behind Dua Lipa's equally steamy "Electricity." Speaking about the new vid with MTV UK, they explained that they wanted to focus less on choreography and more on "super polished" shots and "candid moments."

They added, "The initial concept was based around the idea of recreating emotions and sensations that you experience in a relationship that may be lost in a future where certain kinds of intimacy are no longer possible. This idea is reflected in the set which sees contained environments within an industrial space where these things are simulated."

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