A Young Muslim Girl Fights For Love In John Legend's Heart-Wrenching New Video

Love has no borders

John Legend's personal brand revolves around love, if "All of Me" and "Love Me Now" didn't tip you off. His latest single, "Surefire," follows this pattern, though wife Chrissy Teigen and baby Luna are noticeably absent. Instead, the new music video focuses on the forbidden love between a young Muslim girl and her Mexican boyfriend.

"Ever had a love that you would do anything for? Fight? Travel long distances? Ignore warnings from the people around you?" Legend said when he shared the video, directed by Cole Wiley. "Sometimes it defies all odds. This is a love that is Surefire."

Their relationship overcomes every obstacle life throws at them, from the girl's hostile father to racist bullies to the boy's eventual deportation. A border can't keep them apart forever, though. Legend previously shared couples' real-life stories in "Love Me Now," so this is yet another beautiful depiction of just how resilient love can be.

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