Lindsay Lohan's Wardrobe Choices Prove 'The Parent Trap' Will Never Die

My '90s heart can't handle it

The Parent Trap turned Lindsay Lohan into a household name overnight in 1998 when she did double duty as both Hallie Parker and Annie James, twins separated as infants after their parents divorced.

Besides all the classic pranks the girls orchestrated, they were also known for their distinctive styles. Hallie was more of a laid-back, easy-going kind of dresser, while Annie was usually dressed to the hilt — especially when she wore that Chanel suit on a transatlantic flight (even though that was technically Hallie incognito, but whatever).

On April 11, Lohan shared a pic on Instagram that proves she hasn't forgotten her '90s roots.

"Finally the rain stopped so I could step out in my Chanel tweed and shades #theparenttrap," Lohan captioned. "This coat reminds me of the Chanel suit I wore in the movie — now I have my grown up #Chanel one!! 😎"

The iconic Chanel suit wasn't just seen in the airport scene, but also towards the beginning when Annie gets dropped off at Camp Walden.

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The Parent Trap

And then Annie and her butler, Martin (Simon Kunz), do that epic handshake every '90s kid tried (and failed) to emulate.

Lohan also shared a throwback pic on St. Patrick's Day of BB her wearing that Chanel suit.

Complete with matching headband because the '90s were a glorious and b-e-a-utiful time.

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