Harry Styles Broke The Internet With A Pair Of Fishnet Stockings

The website for 'Beauty Papers' magazine crashed after too many fans ordered issues

It's not the first time and it certainly won't be the last, but Harry Styles has broken the internet — again. British magazine Beauty Papers announced yesterday (March 17) that the "Watermelon Sugar" singer is their new cover star. And upon seeing the photos of the pop star for the first time, Styles's fans collectively drooled.

The magazine made the initial announcement on Instagram with a video of Styles seemingly listing off all of his favorite things and biggest inspirations. "Introducing Mr Harry Edward Styles who collaborated with #beautypapers in an issue that viscerally responds to the shrinking freedoms of our world with an explosion of individuality, creativity, diversity and unity," the caption read.

The video itself was swoon-worthy enough to get the fandom's attention, but that wasn't all the magazine released. Soon after, two more posts were published on the mag's account, each with a carousel of photos of the former One Direction star. In the first batch of photos, the "Adore You" crooner posed on a chair wearing nothing but fishnets and loafers; a combo the internet simply couldn't handle.

"Harry Styles in fishnets. that's it. that's the tweet," one fan wrote on Twitter. "Good morning to Harry wearing fishnets only," another person tweeted. And they're clearly not the only fans loving the pics. This morning (March 18), Beauty Papers took to their Instagram Story to share that their website crashed because of all the fans attempting to order copies for themselves.

"Beautiful people," the note began. "We are working our way through the madness of the internet crashing to ensure everyone is being looked after. We will be in touch." And if you're one of the fans who weren't able to snatch the issue before the site went down, well, you're going to want to sort that out ASAP. In addition to the photos of Styles in fishnets, there were images of the "Lights Up" singer rocking some very dramatic makeup.

We know, we know, we're just as desperate for a copy of the magazine as you are. But since the site is temporarily down, it looks like the only thing left to do is wait. Until then, let's occupy our time by staring at the amazing photos on Instagram, shall we?

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