'You'll Never Find Another Me': Will Parker's Heartfelt Speech Sway Katie on 'Buckhead Shore'?

She wants to move on, but he's not giving up so easily

Parker's love triangle is officially no more. He's now got his sights set on just one woman: his ex-girlfriend Katie.

On tonight's Buckhead Shore season finale, the Head Buck admitted that he was crushed when he and the girl that got away Katie left on bad terms. In fact, he said his feelings came rushing back after seeing her with the "beautiful" Tome.

During a surprise trip for Adamo to Hilton Head, Florida South Carolina, Parker made plans to reconnect with his ex, and no time was wasted. The two quickly apologized in a hot tub -- Parker for some of "the sh*t [he] said" and Katie for being "a meanie weenie." But she was still unsure about rekindling their relationship.

"What makes it hard is that he really is good," she said. "He's super sweet and then apologizes, but just because you broke up with your girlfriend doesn’t mean I'm going to be sitting there like a puppy waiting for you... like I have before." 

Katie’s keyword: "before." Because, although their chemistry is undeniable, their sometimes-toxic ways are evident. DJ summed up their dating cycle in simple terms: "Parker will date someone. And Katie will be single. And then Katie will date someone. And something may happen with the people they're dating, and then they end up back together. Then they get in a toxic fight again, and they end up breaking up. And then Parker does something. And then Katie gets mad about it. And the cycle just keeps going on and on and on." 

Nevertheless, Parker still wasn't done reciting his sexual poetry. After a hangover breakfast of bacon, eggs and hotdogs, he and Katie went for a walk on the beach, and Parker laid it all out.

"I didn't see in her what I see in you, end of the story," he said, getting emotional. "I f*cking love you. I’ve always loved you. You'll never find another me." 

Katie, though, continued to be skeptical. "In a perfect world, I would love for Parker [and I] to be together," she admitted. "He knows how much I love him. It's just... I wish all of what's happened in the past could disappear and we could restart. But it's not reality."

Parker, on the other hand, wasn't about to give up: "I don't know what the future holds for me and Katie. All I know is that the person I envision when I get to that altar is Katie at the end of that aisle."

Do you think Parker and Katie will get back together? Sound off with your thoughts, then stay with MTV News for updates on the Buckhead Shore reunion special!

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