Reunion Update: Are Juliette And Sam Still 'Siesta Key' 'Official'?

And what's happened since her blowup with Kelsey?

Kelsey may have screamed, "You don't f*cking like Sam" at Juliette during the Siesta Key finale, but the "new kingdom" is still going strong.

Following the season finale -- where Juliette and Sam made it "official" and then had an "insane" Valentine's Day with one very lavish present (aka a Cartier diamond watch) -- Juliette dished about where she stands with Sam right now.

"It's going so good -- he met my parents last night!" she gushed to the gang, who gathered virtually at the first-ever SK reunion. "They loved him."

So could the two begin cohabitating anytime soon?


"I won't officially move in with someone until I'm engaged," Juliette asserted, after Chloe insisted they are "practically building a house together." "I'm really, really happy that I'm happy. Finally."

And bringing it back to Kelsey: Could she and Juliette get over their Sam-related squabble from the final episode? Refresher: Kelsey made a stinging comment to Sam about how Juliette "falls quickly" for someone with Sam's lifestyle, and then she and Juliette attempted to hash it out, but it backfired. Then Kelsey questioned if Juliette was truly into him for who he is and not for his money.

"I'm not going to make excuses for myself," Kelsey stated at the reunion. "It was not my place at all to have said anything to Sam. My friendship with Juliette means way more than any of that. I f*cked up."

However, Juliette was "caught really off guard" and it was "really uncomfortable" watching it back (aka Kelsey's exchange with Sam).

"I am so sorry -- that was not worth it. That whole conversation's f*cked up our friendship," Kelsey tearfully added.

Kelsey's hope: The ladies can rebuild the trust that existed and get back to where they were.

"I think we'll be able to move on from it. We'll see," Juliette concluded. "Time will tell."

Time will tell. Will Juliette stay "really really happy" with Sam? And can she mend her bond with Kelsey? Tell us your predictions as we wait and see what happens in the Keys.

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