This 'Catfish' Conned More Than 400 Women (Yes, You Read That Right)

Nev and Max uncovered quite the case

Any Catfish criminal who hurts one innocent victim deserves a scolding -- but during tonight's brand-new episode, Nev and Max met a young man named Zac who was responsible for tricking more than 400 women with a phony Tinder profile. And that number is not an exaggeration...

The case -- unlike anything we've ever seen featured on the long-running series -- started out like any usual installment. Jayme, a single mother of two, contacted the digital detectives because she knew something was awry with a man named Lucas, whom she met on the dating app. While the Portland resident eventually discovered that Lucas was using fake photos (she used the MTV guys' beloved reverse image search trick), Jayme wanted to get to the bottom of why he had deceived her.

But that was only the beginning. A woman named Urszula contacted Jayme because she too had been communicating with Lucas -- and Urszula wanted to warn Jayme about his lying ways. Urszula's story closely aligned with Jayme's: They both sent Lucas intimate photographs and, in both scenarios, he stated that he was moving from Missouri to each girl's hometown to be with her -- then bailed when it came time to actually interact in the flesh. But unlike Jayme, Urszula got the truth when she booked a flight to visit him on his stomping grounds -- and he also confessed that he had behaved similarly with more than 400 other women from across the country.

A bit of sleuthing (phone searches and scouring Facebook) later confirmed that Lucas was actually a guy named Zac -- and Urszula confirmed that they had the right person based on a photo she had received from the master manipulator. But in an odd twist, Nev received a text message in the middle of their work from the production team alerting him that a woman named Sarah contacted them about a man named Lucas from St. Louis who was displaying catfish-like behavior. A quick convo with the aforementioned love hopeful confirmed that Jayme and Urzsula had another ally on their side -- and Sarah joined forces with the girls to come face-to-face with Zac.

When the gang confronted Zac, he elaborated that he created the made-up account to see what would happen if he used a photograph of a handsome stranger. But that explanation wasn't going to go down so easy: Jayme balked that the number of women he associated with was "disgusting," Sarah took issue with his statement that he was maintaining casual conversations when he was extensively photoshopping images and Urszula asked why he was acting this way when he admitted that his actions weren't "okay." In addition, the naked photos were understandably a large point of contention for the women -- and while Zac said he deleted the pics, Nev found incriminating files on Zac's phone.

After a necessary breather for all parties involved, the group met with Zac again and he stated that he didn't express himself in a way that was respectful -- while adding he wasn't looking for phone sex or naked photos. But he quickly got himself in a hole for not sounding genuine -- and ultimately copped to the fact that he wasn't apologetic for certain things that happened and insisted that the trio shouldn't dwell on what unfolded. This didn't sit well with Jayme, Urszula and Sarah so they departed the situation and left Nev and Max with Zac.

In the end, Zac posted on the Tinder profile a real photograph and stated that his other social accounts associated with this alias also weren't real. And during the catch-up, Zac stated he was relieved to be free of the pressures of being Lucas on dating sites. Even though Zac attempted to right his wrongs, he is still guilty of being the biggest cyber fraud featured on Catfish -- and the first to be reprimanded by multiple people who fell for his bogus claims.

What did you think of Zac's tale -- and do you truly believe he is finished with his fishy behavior? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to catch a brand-new Catfish on Wednesday at 10/9c!

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