50 Cent Calls Slowbucks An 'Angry Snitch' After He Launches Chain-Snatching Investigation

Fif calls out Slowbucks at a G-Unit show, then takes it to Instagram.

50 Cent still denies being involved in the chain-snatching incident that took place at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert, but this story just keeps going. Slowbucks launched an official investigation into the robbery last week, 50 took as free reign to clown him on social media -- and during a live show this weekend.

Slow (who is CEO and co-owner of the Slowbucks clothing brand) held a press conference in New York City last week where he alleged that 50 Cent was trying to hurt his brand with the robbery.

Fifty has continued to deny that he was behind the fiasco, but he did take the time to call out Slow during G-Unit's reunion show in New York on Sunday night, telling the crowd, "I want everyone to get home safe, because there's so much police in here courtesy of Slowbucks."

Naturally, the news got back to Slowbucks -- who didn't appreciate being called a snitch -- so he tried to air 50 out on Instagram. It didn't exactly work, however.

On Monday (June 9), he posted a photo of himself and 50 -- who is is wearing a police badge in the photo -- with the caption, "This n%a 50 aka 5-0 got some nerve! Who shot me? You think it was Preme, Freeze or TahTah? (Lord 4 Give Me, 4 I've Sin, Over & Over Again Just 2 Stay On Top)."

If he was expecting any support, he got a lot of the opposite, with multiple commentors responding that Fif was clearly wearing the police badge for a movie role.

About an hour later, 50 had his own response. The Queens rapper shared a silly video of himself on Instagram, where he pretty much calls Slowbucks an "angry snitch." "Stop telling TMZ I can keep your chain Boy," he wrote. "I don't snatch chains,This don't make no sense."

Will this saga ever end?