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Someone Got Their Chain Snatched Onstage At 50 Cent's Summer Jam Show: See The Video

Fif just keeps on rapping.

50 Cent gave fans plenty to talk about on Sunday night when he graced the stage at Hot 97's annual Summer Jam concert in New Jersey. Not only did Fif reunite his G-Unit group, he also performed while someone got robbed for their chain on stage.

MTV News was on hand to witness the concert and scuffle, but couldn't positively identify who was involved in the fracas. A video which was posted to's YouTube page on Monday morning, shows a person getting their chain snatched, but the victim falls out of frame and is unidentifiable.

A second, video posted by popular rap site RealTalkNY, doesn't provide a clear picture either. The incident took place while 50 and Fabolous performed a remix to "Cuffin' Season" for the first time. A number of media outlets are reporting that a person affiliated with the clothing company Slowbucks and the rap group SBOE, was the one that was robbed, but that has not been confirmed.

In April, Slow, Bucks (from Slowbucks) and known 50 Cent-adversary Trav took an Instagram photo with Fif's son Marquise. The photo upset the G-Unit boss, who left a comment under the pic. "This picture was a bad idea," he wrote.

MTV News reached out to representatives from G-Unit and SBOE, but have not received any information as of press time.