Rihanna Dropped Her New Song With Kanye And Paul McCartney—Hear 'FourFiveSeconds'

There's acoustic guitar, organ, and... autotune.

We've been clamoring for new music from Rihanna for months now and it's finally here! The long-rumored collaboration between Rih Rih, 'Ye and Paul that Ty Dolla $ign discussed after Kanye's "Only One" came out is officially available through

Complex pointed out that one of Rihanna's friends posted an adorable video of her reacting to the news that the song was live:

This is definitely the song Kanye recently played for the crowd at the iHeartRadio Media Summit.

The song is as different from her standard fare as "Only One" was from the rest of Kanye's canon—there's acoustic guitar and gosepl-infused choruses, but there's still typical carefree, optimistic vibes. Plus, just like "Only One," autotune is plentiful.

When that organ hits in the middle of the song, and you realize that it's probably Paul McCartney playing, it's kind of an incredible feeling right? Other collaborators credited on the song include: Kirby Lauryen, Mike Dean, Ty Dolla $ign, Dave Longstreth (of The Dirty Projectors), Dallas Austin, Elon Rutberg, and Noah Goldstein. Wow.

You can download the track via iTunes here.

And how about that cover art eh??? Beatles who? Down for a full album from this super group to happen ASAP.

Oh also, according to Rap Genius, that's braille across the front of the picture and it spells out "Four Five Seconds."

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