Nick Jonas Loves His Gay Fans 'To Death,' Thanks Them With Striptease

Nick calls his moves 'very embarrassing' but had a lot of fun doing it.

Nick Jonas isn't afraid to take it off, and why should he, have you seen those abs?!

The pop star has been taking over New York City this week, between dropping his new single and hitting up the hottest Fashion Week events. But, in between, he's been making some stops at a few of the city's gay bars treating fans to a sexy striptease, leaving all of us who weren't included in the festivities, well, "Jealous."

MTV News caught up with Nick on Wednesday, the day after he showed off his six-pack abs, for the second time in one week, and even though he calls his sultry dance moves, "very embarrassing," it was still a great night out.

"It's been a fun couple days partying with some of my gay fans," Nick said. "I love them to death and their support of me, so why not go out and hang?"

And his fans are definitely glad that he did. Nick made his first appearance on Sunday where he lifted up his shirt to show onlookers that all that MMA fighting for his upcoming show "Kingdom" has clearly paid off.

In the second clip, Nick takes his shirt off surrounded by gay strippers, and gives the lucky fan a "panic attack."

Nick tweeted that he has nothing but "love" for his gay fans because their support means a lot to him.

"I grew up in the Broadway community and have since gone back a few times," Nick said. "In my life I have many many gay friends that I love to death. It's incredibly important for me and I'm excited to have them as my fans."

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