Who's The 'F---ing Beautiful' Girl Behind Nick Jonas' Upcoming Single?

The pop star reveals the inspiration behind his new song 'Jealous.'

Both Beyoncé and Chromeo released songs in the last calendar year entitled "Jealous" and now Nick Jonas is joining the trend with his second solo single by the same name.

When MTV News caught up with the former JoBro earlier this summer he explained why the track, which drops Monday (September 8), was the perfect follow up to "Chains," the first release off his upcoming LP.

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"'Jealous' is a really great representation of the range of [my debut] record and it is an up-tempo song, basically the whole concept is about jealousy," the singer told MTV News. "It’s basically saying this girl is so f---ing beautiful that you just get jealous and you can’t help it and I think it’s something a lot of guys can relate to but are afraid to say."

Nick is far from shy when expressing his feelings on the subject, penning the lyrics after an upsetting night out with his sweetheart Olivia Culpo.

"I’m with my girl and [some other guys are] looking at her and I was like, I’ve just been training for three months how to be a real fighter for a TV show and I could hurt you now," he explained. "It was a moment when I was like, I’ve got to write about that because the fact that I got so passionate about it so quickly means that there is a song there."

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While Nick might be ready and able to throw down at a moments notice, thanks to the MMA training for his new role in DirecTV's "Kingdom," he chose to convert his anger into something more productive instead — a new song.

"I’m not an insane jealous person but this song really does embody a feeling a lot of people have," he said.