A 'Walking Dead' Cruise Is Happening And It's Going To Be Amazing

On the menu: BRAAAAAINS.

An outbreak of plague on a cruise ship is usually considered a bad thing, but leave it to "The Walking Dead" to make it sound like the best vacation ever.

Starting in 2016, fans of AMC's big undead drama will be able to climb aboard the show's Walker Stalker Cruise, setting sail for the Bahamas in the company of several "The Walking Dead" cast members, and enjoying zombie-themed games, concerts, contests, and panels on the way to their destination.

Zombie makeup artists will also be on board, which means that you can leave for vacation as a normal human being and step off the boat a week later as a member of the drooling undead.

But while the promo video for the cruise (above) is tantalizing, we've identified a few absolute must-haves if this cruise is gonna be truly great.

A creative menu inspired by the show


No, we're not expecting a buffet of human flesh -- but we expect to dine like true survivors, on nonperishable canned goods and freshly caught snake a la Dixon. (Okay, okay: And those with more refined palates can go eat wimpy applesauce in the Alexandria Cafe. Losers.)

A very special cruise director


"Walking Dead" fans don't just want a cruise ship; we want a cruise Ricktatorship.

In-room entertainment


Much like the Governor, guests should be able to relax at the end of a long day on the water by sitting back in a plush leather chair, pouring out a nice 12 year-old scotch, and watching the "severed heads in an aquarium" channel.

Very, very high safety railings


Because it's only a matter of time before some overzealous fan gets caught up in the drama, grabs one of the guys in full zombie makeup, and tries to pitch him overboard.

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