Taron Egerton Serves Major Vocals As Elton John In New 'Rocketman' Trailer

Hold us closer, Taron Egerton

Taron Egerton has fully transformed into Sir Elton John in the latest Rocketman trailer, and those signature glasses fit him quite nicely.

Rocketman is billed as a musical fantasy about Elton John's early years and rise to fame. With a variety of songs pulled from his storied career, like "Your Song," "Tiny Dancer," Egerton has been tapped to put his vocals to the test. And surprisingly, they pass with flying colors as you can hear in the weird and wonderful full-length trailer. It looks like the Kingsman frontman has been keeping a hidden talent from us.

Our first proper glimpse at the movie kicks off with Elton at the piano, working on an early version of "Your Song" with a handwritten lyric sheet as he works out the song's melodies and sings along to himself. Given the fact that John typically worked with lyricist partner Bernie Taupin and wrote only the melodies and music for his famous songs, this is an important part of the story. We see a few quick flashes through his earliest days as a singer, when he went by a not-so-memorable name before transforming into the flamboyant phenomenon we know now.

"My name is... Reginald Dwight," John says to a record industry executive who scoffs at the seemingly ordinary name.

"Reginald? That's my granddad's name," the woman replies incredulously, heralding the beginning of the transformation from talented pianist Dwight into an international superstar. He wouldn't legally change his name to Elton Hercules John until 1972, a topic the film will certainly be exploring.

There are some particularly surreal moments in the clip, combining dream and dance sequences with narrative segments, such as Elton being submerged underwater with a piano or everyone in his immediate vicinity breaking out into song.

"You were never ordinary," Elton's told as the clip winds down. That much is certainly obvious. What gave it away, the rainbow-sequined costume or the sparkling baseball outfit?

Rocketman looks like it's going to be a treat for Elton fans. The only problem? It's gonna be a long, long time until the film hits theaters on May 31.

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