Yes, You Can Have Period Sex — And Other Pressing Facts About Periods

Your body, your cramp-causing period demon and you.

Are period myths cramping your style? Are you tired of bozos who couldn't properly label a health class diagram of a vagina making ignorant (and, come on, misogynistic) comments?

Well, so were these ladies at College Humor who created a gentle, totally not-at-all scary video called "Periods Aren't That Gross" to clear up the myths for the uninitiated.

College Humor


They cover the basics: No, you can't put out forest fires with menstrual blood (that's water), you can still have sex (just watch out for the teeth) and, of course, as we all learned in fifth grade health, that the period exists to weaken the blood-eating demon that lives in every woman's bowels #JustGirlyThings.

College Humor


While the video may not be totally biologically accurate (we gotta keep it sorta real here), it's still a helpful guide for the countless people who are dense enough to give women s--t for menstruating. Period and vagina stigma is all too common anyway and far too often there's a flood of misinformation and shame keeping period-having individuals from just living their damn lives.

Even if you can't put out forest fires or satisfy the horrifying blood-eating cramp demon within your ovaries, at least the truth can finally come out to all the period-shaming weaklings in your life.

College Humor

Get Over It

Watch the full video and be illuminated with menstrual knowledge:

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